Asambleas Ciudadanos


What is it ?


Innovation in performances and ways of organizing

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To achieve so, a genuine effort should be made so as to create shared and meaningful visions, to innovate in the kinds and ways of collective organization, to make power construction structures develop, to explore new ways of discussion and collective intelligence. Methodological matters here are absolutely meaningful. Means and methods of the assemblies must allow to :

  • develop imagination for new ways of expressing the citizens’ opinion and experience
  • state categorically the assembly process on social situations and look for constructing its legitimacy
  • foster initiative to mobilize support along the time, to preserve memory of exchanges and jobs
  • foster and organize information, and share it
  • express the three society diversity dimensions, that is as follow: socio-professional dimension; thematic dimension; and geo-cultural dimension
  • deal with the complexity of those subjects treated, exchange proposals among each other
  • organize discussion in a horizontal way, without hierarchy, bearing in mind those contradictions and divergent interest, looking for convergent viewpoints.

Methodological Advantages of an Alliance to a Responsible, Plural and United World

The Alliance’s methodological heritage for a responsible, plural and united World represents a potential advantage for each of these matters. The Alliance has proved that all of these methodological issues were not only feasible but also adaptable to other backgrounds.