Asambleas Ciudadanos


What is it ?


Participating in the World and Society Evolutions

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The citizens’ assemblies gather women and men, association and organizations that would want to participate in renewing democracy and act in significant changes in their society and at global level.

Starting from Diversity in Society

Students, teachers, graduated professionals, social leaders, union leaders, artists, managers from all over the world, commit themselves to deal with any and every issue whose full scope concerns all peoples and each citizen.

Building Jointly Strategies and Prospects

The Assemblies are not a kind of new parliaments or new institutions. First and foremost, they stand for social and participatory processes where trustful relations and cultural, ideological and religious differences are respected. They are based on organizing discussions among numerous members of the society so as to gradually deduce joint and sharing prospects and strategies to be achieved collectively. They extend an international hitherto unknown adventure which started in 1994 with the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, and later on, with the World Citizens’ Assembly, in 2001.

Five meetings are already on the way towards 2010 !

Five assemblies are already aimed at the set of the geographical regions in Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean, the Southern Cone of America, and the Sahel-Saharan region.

Specific Format and Approach for Each Assembly

Each assembly has a specific format and a specific approach. Differences among approaches from citizenry and from the socio-political contexts of such regions make challenges to implement the citizens’ assemblies, be unavoidably changeable. These assemblies therefore, are plural and have a variable geometry. They are united by common methodological vision, principles and means.

Each One Severally on its Own and Jointly Towards 2010 !

These assemblies take different roads but they indeed follow the same aim. The year 2010 stands for a common horizon to motivate, organise schedules, create a shared construction stage among several assemblies.2010 is not a deadline, but a collective appointment to register in the time and evaluate the long way already run and the progress achieved respectively.

Challenges and their Implementation Methods

The citizens’ assemblies want citizenry’s new visions and practices to come up from domestic to global level. But, what to do when those social, cultural, methodological and economic conditions necessary for the citizenry are highly variable and are used to being almost absent in societies? Thus, innovation efforts, contradictions and breakaways that the citizens’ assemblies have to undertake are critically important.