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Citizens from the Southern Cone at the 2011 World Social Forum: teachings, reflections, perspectives and commitments

Francois Soulard, Gustavo Marin, Ricardo Jimenez, Lucía Alvites | Translations : français . Español . English

A collective with friends from the Citizens Assembly of the Southern Cone was present, from February 1 to 12, 2011, in the activities developed during the World Social Forum in Dakar. We deem it important to systematize the very many and diverse debates, experiences and teachings back to an “us”, as converging Southern Cone residents, in order to make a contribution to this milestone so as to continue + read more


Searching for new world governance pillars

Gustavo Marin | Translations : Español . English . français

“Apart from the economic and financial crisis which broke out in 2008, several convulsions are on the way as regards human beings’ relations as well as ethical and systemic changes. We are committed to a long transition period which will last several decades and which requires from us a re-conception of the architecture both of power and governance on national, regional and global scales. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to invent - as from now - new solid, consistent spaces where the very citizens will be able to regain strength irrespective of country borders”. Introductory talk by Gustavo Marin during the coordinators’ meeting in May 2010 + read more


Citizens' assembly and new reflections on governance

Pierre Calame | Translations : français . Español . English

Citizens’ assemblies are a concrete expression of a wider reflection on governance which brings new principles to lead the societies in the 21st century. If we want to understand how a 21st century society may be run, we have to make two successive methodological and intellectual breaks. This text is the transcription of the interview of Pierre Calame in Paris - June 2008 + read more


A program and calendar for a regional citizens' assembly

Francois Soulard | Translations : français . English . Español

The idea, the preparation and the implementation of the World Citizens’ Assembly en Lille give a new democratic model which can be used at local scale. Its methodology can be adapted within a working process of 18-24 months for a regional citizens’ assembly. The process is the same as the itinerary that the 400 World Assembly participants followed for eight days. This itinerary has three phases + read more


Citizens’ Assemblies challenges, methods and scales

Pierre Calame | Translations : français . Español . English

The idea of a Citizens’ Assembly started within the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united World. These assemblies respond to four objectives : to learn to relate diversity with unity, to create instituting processes, to revitalize democracy, to invent new forms of dialog between societies. Introductory exposition of Pierre Calame to the First Exchange of Experiences about Assemblies in Paris, 8-19 June, 2008 + read more