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Contributions to Citizens’ Assembly understanding

Gustavo Marín and Víctor del Fuente, from the Chilean edition of Le Monde Diplo, describe briefly the road that led to the birth of the citizens’ assemblies in various regions of the world and the Southern Cone. Víctor locates the contribution that can be made to the overcoming of the ideological obstacles set by the Neo-liberalism. Videos recorded during the “Governance and resentment” meeting in December 2008 - Iquique - Chile + see complete article


» Asia

Images of the Bangalore Assembly in August 2010

Gustavo Marin, John Anugraha, Benru Martinez, 24 August 2010

Compilation of about 200 pictures from the Asian Citizens’ Assembly which took place in August 2010 in Bangalore, India. The images were taken by Gustavo Marín, Benru Martinez, John Anugraha and Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (and displayed on Facebook) + access to media

» Asia

Pictures of the 4th International Student’s Peace Festival

John Anugraha, 25 October 2009

The Asian Citizens’ Assembly actively took part in the International Peace Festival organized in Chandigarh, India, from September 27 to October 1, 2009. This gathered over 1000 young people from various Indian states and from Pakistan, around a series of activities and manifestations, focused on promoting disarmament and peace. Characters such as Dr. Subba Rao, also known as living Ghandi, were also present - pictures of the event + access to media

» Asia

From forums to a Citizens assembly in Asia

John Anugraha, Vincent Liuhong, 5 February 2009

The citizens’ assembly in Asia is based on a group of forums which lead to an intercultural meeting between young people from China, India and Japan. These forums are broadening and including other countries from this region as well as other participants. Vincent Liuhong and John Anugraha talk about the methodologies of these forums, the stages covered and the prospects for 2010 + access to media

» Asia

Building a common imaginary

Ben Quinones, 5 February 2009

The First Meeting of Coordinators of Citizens’ Assemblies in Paris in June 2008 establishes the challenge to unite visions and experiences from very different contexts. Ben Quinones highlights the need to construct a shared collective imagination in order to connect and coordinate the initiatives in the future + access to media

» Europe

Advances and perspectives of the European citizens’ process

Matthieu Calame, 3 February 2010

How can we abandon current European blockages and endow Europe with a new soul? How can we move from a citizen vanguard to mass mobilization in favor of European construction? Matthieu Calame offers a panorama of the advances made by the European process and explores these two issues resorting to history and the imaginary: greatness and emotion, Snow White and the seven dwarves and methods’ renewal. 4 videos + access to media

» Europe

Responsibility, interdependences and education

Matthieu Calame, 5 February 2009

The relation with power, the concept of responsibility, education and the change in society are at the very center of citizenship and citizens’ assemblies. Matthieu Calame proposes intertwined reflections upon all these topics and highlights that change is systematic and connects everybody + access to media

» Europe

Citizens’ assemblies : birth, challenges and methods

Pierre Calame, 5 February 2009

Citizens’ assemblies contribute to renew the relationship between unity and diversity. They may allow citizens to influence the inter-dependences of the 21st Century, and to re-institute societies and democratic forms. The challenges are huge and are in the heart of the societies' changes. Pierre Calame approaches here the history of the citizens' assemblies, their stakes and the new methods we have to invent to face the evolutions of the societies and democracy + access to media

» Europe

Ethics and new thoughts on governance

Pierre Calame, 5 February 2009

The idea of a citizens’ assembly is a concrete expression of a new view on ethics and on the management of societies when it comes to globalization. Pierre Calame draws up the principles of this new vision and shows how the assemblies and other citizens’ dynamics contribute to this deep renewal through five keywords : legitimacy, democratic participation, public good co-production, pertinence and efficiency, relationship between scales + access to media

» Europe

Context and democratic experiences in Europe

Matthieu Calame, 2 December 2008

Forming a citizens’ assembly leads to challenging the European models and thoughts about democracy. Matthieu Calame recalls the European context, some characteristics of its history, the positive experiences of citizens’ participation with the citizens panels for example. He underlines the strategies to build a pro-European process and to share the idea of a citizens’ assembly + access to media

» Oceania

Pictures of Whakatane Summer Assembly

Betsan Martin, Aroha Mead, 29 January 2011

Here are about sixty images taken during the Oceanian Assembly of Whakatane - New Zealand in January 2011 and shot by the cameras of Betsan Martin, Russell Diabo and Aroha Mead + access to media

» Oceania

Selection of images from the Watersheds meeting in November, 2009

Betsan Martin, 5 January 2010

A small selection of photographs was made from the Watersheds meeting in November, 2009. This is just a first approach to uncover the hosts of the Citizens’ Assembly in Oceania and the human and ethical diversity of the region. There will be more pictures further ahead to complete these first ones + access to media

» Southern Cone

Photo-video report of the Iquique Assembly

Francois Soulard, 18 November 2010

Overviewing video of the meeting edited during the last night of the Iquique Assembly organized from 5th to 7th of November 2010. A selection of pictures is presented below thanks to the photos of Anai Vera, William Leroy, Jorge Colman, Sandra Michelón, Fernando Rios, Graciela Mandolini, Gustavo Marin and Claudia Denegri + access to media

» Southern Cone

Pictures of Regional meetings of Women

Francois Soulard, 12 July 2010

Approximately twenty representatives from Southern Cone countries discovered themselves, rediscovered one another and warmly intertwined on June 19 – 20 in La Plata, Argentina. Selection of pictures + access to media

» Southern Cone

Images of the Southern Cone women’s meetings – November and December, 2009

Francois Soulard, 7 January 2010

Discover a selection from hundreds of images from the four women’s meetings organized between November and December, 2009 in Argentina (La Plata), Bolivia (Cochabamba), Chile (Santiago) and Peru (Lima). The pictures are thrilling, plural and revitalizing ! + access to media

» Southern Cone

Contributions to Citizens’ Assembly understanding

Gustavo Marin, Victor de la Fuente, 24 October 2009

Gustavo Marín and Víctor del Fuente, from the Chilean edition of Le Monde Diplo, describe briefly the road that led to the birth of the citizens’ assemblies in various regions of the world and the Southern Cone. Víctor locates the contribution that can be made to the overcoming of the ideological obstacles set by the Neo-liberalism. Videos recorded during the “Governance and resentment” meeting in December 2008 - Iquique - Chile + access to media

» Southern Cone

Constituent and advances of the Southern Cone assembly in Bolivia

Rodrigo Torrez, 23 March 2009

A new Constitution was adopted in Bolivia through a historical process on the continent. Until where this process did it arrive? In the framework the citizens' assembly, how the project of South American Regional integration Diploma, of network of alternative media and of meetings of religious and indigenous movements, are going on? Audio discussion of 10min with Rogrigo Torrez Jordán (Spanish only) + access to media

» Southern Cone

Towards the 2010 Citizens’ Assemblies

Gustavo Marin, 5 February 2009

Gustavo Marin describes – stage by stage – how citizens’ assemblies were born from the General States of the Planet adventure in 1992, from the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world and from the Global Citizens’ Assembly in Lille in 2001. He specifies the breaks and ambitions proposed, and what these might contribute to the search for new ethical frames and local / global regulations + access to media

» Southern Cone

Renewal of the social contract

Alihuen Antileo, 5 February 2009

The relationships between humans and nature, and between men and women, are in crisis in the Southern Cone region of Latin America as well as in the rest of the world. According to Alihuen Antileo, citizens’ assemblies together with other initiatives contribute to re-generate the social contract, and to re-found new relations between beings, societies and the biosphere + access to media

» Southern Cone

Why a Regional Citizens’ Assembly of the Southern Cone ?

Ricardo Jimenez, 5 February 2009

Becoming a citizen in a context that lacks citizenship is not easy at all. In Ricardo Jiménez’s opinion, this is the raison d’être of the Southern Cone’s Assembly, which attempts to invent a process and a new citizenship creation meeting. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to leave opposition behind and move towards proposals, towards the construction of links between the different network in society and towards the birth of an ethics and of participatory methods + access to media

» Mediterranean

Images of the Mediterranean Assembly in Valencia in July 2010

Sergi Escribano, 22 September 2010

Selection of 70 pictures portraying all the stages and development of the Assembly in Valencia. The images were transmitted by CERAI + access to media

» Mediterranean

Citizenship and citizens’ experiences in the Mediterranean

Sergi Escribano, Françoise Macé, 5 February 2009

Françoise Macé and Sergi Escribano describe how to propose a citizens’ assembly to the Mediterranean societies. They see assemblies as a new form of dialogue - transversal and inclusive – which enables to value initiatives and to connect the proposals of the people from both banks + access to media

» Sahel Saharan

Colors of the First Sahel-Saharan Assembly

Francois Soulard, 12 October 2010

Compilation of about two hundred pictures of the First Citizens Assembly organized in the historical city of Aioun, Mauritania, from October 4th to 6th, 2010 + access to media

» Sahel Saharan

Pictures of the first citizens’ caravan in Mauritania - february 2009

Mamadou Niang, 29 April 2009

Selection of pictures from the first caravan in February, 2009 organized in the east of Mauritania, near Mali. The photographs show the arrival on camelback of the Mamadou Niang team at the neighborhoods of the cities visited (almost a historical moment, right?) and the exchanges in the local assemblies of Aioun and Kaedi. First promising and splendid images + access to media

» Sahel Saharan

Political action renewal in Africa

Sidiki Daff, 5 February 2009

The African Citizens’ Assembly is the pretext to go back to the foundations of political action. For Sidiki Abdoul Daff, it is about the relation with power, it is about the role and responsibility of politics, about the uttering of citizens’ words, about the diversification of focuses and methods so as to raise this word + access to media

» Sahel Saharan

Mamadou Niang audio-interview : traveling caravans in Africa (in French only)

Mamadou Niang, 5 February 2009

The first step of the Sahel-Saharan Assembly will be to test and debate about the very idea of a citizens’ assembly, to meet communities, cities, peoples, languages and races. Mamadou Niang introduces the idea of traveling caravans and their history within the African tradition. The convoys should begin in Mauritania and Senegal as soon as the project gains official legal structure + access to media

» Mali

First Stage of Mali’s Citizens’ Assembly in images

Coordination Team of the Malian Assembly, 4 May 2010

The end of a stage also provides the pleasure of observing images retrospectively. Here is a short compilation of images taken during the first cycle of workshops and meetings carried out during Mali’s Citizens’ Assembly in the regions of Sikasso, Ségou, Koulikoro and Kayes between September and December, 2009 + access to media

» Cross-cutting material

Citizens Assemblies on the way

Francois Soulard, William Leroy, 20 September 2010

Unpublished video produced with the testimonies Citizens’ Assemblies’ coordinators who gathered in Paris in May 2010 and with the images of the various regional processes. The six-minute video was completed right before the Assembly in Bangalore on August 18 - 22 and was shown during its opening + access to media

» Invited - Southern Cone, Argentina

Environmental assemblies on their way

Liliana Leiva, 9 April 2010

Popular assemblies abound in the Southern Cone and Argentina. Among them, the assemblies with environmental vocation have begun taking up a more important place within the range of existing social mobilizations. Most of these assemblies support horizontal dialogs, the inclusion of the various components of community and initiative-taking in the fade of socio-environmental injustices and injuries. Video exploration of the Rio de la Plata Delta Assembly with Liliana Leiva - apiarist activist + access to media

» Invited

Social forums and People’s assemblies in the USA

Nina Gregg, 3 March 2010

Several peoples assembly and citizens movement processes are taking place. In this interview, Nina Gregg - coordinator of the Charter of Human Responsibilities in the US helps us unveil the " People's assemblies " initiative in the United States. Already present during the first social forum in Atlanta in 2007, the peoples assemblies will associate again with the second US Social Forum in Detroit, in June 2010 + access to media