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the Citizens' Assembly in Mali


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First Stage of Mali’s Citizens’ Assembly in images


The end of a stage also provides the pleasure of observing images retrospectively. Here is a short compilation of images taken during the first cycle of workshops and meetings carried out during Mali’s Citizens’ Assembly in the regions of Sikasso, Ségou, Koulikoro and Kayes between September and December, 2009 + access to media




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Capitalizing the first phase of Mali’s Citizens’ Assembly

Coordination Team of the Malian Assembly , 3 May 2010

This stage report picks up again on the key issues from Mali’s Assembly’s and provides a first panorama of the viewpoints from those Mali’s citizens who have been mobilized during this first cycle of dialogs. It is based on the methodological bet made by its organization team: an approach to the diversity, values, challenges, proposals, strategies and commitments expressed by the participants + read more


Building Mali from local perspectives - Progress Report n° 1

Coordination Team of the Malian Assembly , 1 November 2009

The methodological test of the first phase of the Mali Citizens’ Assembly process was carried out in the regions of Sikasso and Ségou. About 400 delegates representing traditional and religious authorities, administrative authorities, associations and socio-professional organizations which respond to municipal and circle administrative organizations and geo-cultural logics, all took part in communal and circle assemblies + read more



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Stage 2 Report

Coordination Team of the Malian Assembly , 9 April 2010

The first stage of the process, from September to December 2009, began in the Sikaso and Segou regions, and continued in the Kulikoro and Kayes regions. Twenty-four municipalities and twelve circles were covered. This stage report provides a first cross-sectional reading of the discussions and main points which arose there + read more


Proposals booklet from the Tominian Circle in Mali

Coordination Team of the Malian Assembly , 6 January 2010

This proposals booklet is a transversal analysis of Mandiakuy and Mafounè’s communal words. It makes reference to the misunderstanding of democracy and the political reforms, which tend to reorganize the local public sphere without giving people the keys to understanding the challenges in play and being faced + read more

1st stage of the Malian Assembly