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the Citizens' Assembly in the Southern Cone


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Photo-video report of the Iquique Assembly


Overviewing video of the meeting edited during the last night of the Iquique Assembly organized from 5th to 7th of November 2010. A selection of pictures is presented below thanks to the photos of Anai Vera, William Leroy, Jorge Colman, Sandra Michelón, Fernando Rios, Graciela Mandolini, Gustavo Marin and Claudia Denegri + access to media




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Towards the 2010 Citizens assemblies in the Southern Cone : historical milestones of a journey

Gustavo Marin , 5 February 2009

Transcription of the interview to Gustavo Marin in Antofagasta in April, 2007. Retrospectives on international action leading to citizens’ assemblies : the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world, the World Citizens’ Assembly, the search for new regulations to overcome current systems’ limitations. The text was published in the Chilean edition of Monde Diplomatique – April, 2008 + read more

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The Assembly at Iquique successfully finished its first citizen construction initiative

Francois Soulard, Gustavo Marin , 17 December 2010

The First Citizens’ Assembly of the Southern Cone has just come to an end, after three days of uninterrupted exchanges, parties, citizens’ caravans and artistic expressions. Finally, we can say that the Assembly managed to achieve its first mobilization and debate initiative with the presence of a very diverse group of actors from the Southern Cone and more. Participants expressed a global satisfaction with the general atmosphere and the intensity of the exchanges + read more


Methodological school for the Iquique Assembly of November 2010

Ricardo Jimenez , 22 September 2010

About 12 participants from the Assembly of the Southern Cone got together in Santiago de Chile on September 4 and 5 to build a vision and a methodological response to the challenges set by the Assembly at Iquique which will take place next November. The idea is to be able to put together a team which will carry popular methodologies that may lead to the appreciation of the diversity of ideas, expressions and identities in the Southern Cone, simultaneously revealing emerging ideas and group perspectives + read more




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Main dates and meetings planned in the Southern Cone Assembly for 2009-2010

Francois Soulard , 8 February 2009

 + read more

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Visit the webpage of the Assembly : and the different blogs linked to its initiatives : the General Blog of the Argentinan team in Córdoba, the Blog of the revue Pensamiento Propio, the blog de la Regional Integration Chair.

Pictures of the 2009 women's meetings

Have a look at the pictures of the women’s meetings held in September and November 2009